Some Taboos about using shoe racks to store your precious shoes


This is still known and acknowledges by most of the people that any costume is incomplete without the presence of matching shoes in your feet. Just like a brownie is incomplete without a chocolate syrup or an ice-cream scoop, we too, look incomplete and naive at styling if we leave the home bare-foot. Imagine you enter in a wedding party of your close friend and then you have the best dress and the best hair style and no heels!! You will feel like you are carrying a malfunctioned costume. So, it is important to have shoes on your feet, not only because you have to make some style statements, but because your feet deserve to look good. Shoes were invented to serve for our ease while we walk so that no blisters or bruises bother our feet.

But when it comes to securing our shoes, we do not even think once, about the care and maintenance of the shoe rack, that comforts your shoes, requires! It is very necessary to clean the shoe rack on the daily basis, to make sure that all your daily feet-wear are not friends with the harmful germs. It is human tendency to either avoid doing something completely or do it as if this was the last mission you are left with in this life. We must carefully and daily do the cleaning part.

The cleaning and buying tips are suggested by everybody, but I am here to disclose some modern shoe racks myths. According to Feng Sui Tradition, there are some myths according to their science and beliefs, which are really interesting. So, here are some must do and must not do things according to their culture, that might catch your attention. So, read up:

1. Height Perfect: According to The Three Life Forces Theory, it is believed that the house is divided into three sections: top is Heaven, middle represents Man, and the bottom one is Earth. Since we wear shoes while we walk or run on the mud-filled roads, which is why they contain a lot of dirt.Because of this, that a shoe rack holds old, dirty shoes, so it belongs to the Earth section. Therefore, its height should not be more than one-third of the house’s height. Traditional feng shui says that if the shoe rack reaches the middle section, the health of the household will be affected. If your existing shoe rack happens to be in the middle section, then you should put only and only new shoes on the top section and old or many worn shoes at the bottom.

2. Some tiers must be taken care of: It is said to be better if you choose an enclosed shoe rack over the open ones because closed ones keep shoes hidden from view. It is considered that the closed show cabinets can trap the bad energy because they are closed. But one must not forget that it is equally essential to leave sufficient opening for ventilation too. The preferred number of tiers must be five that represent the Five Elements (Metal, Water, Wood, Fire & Earth) according to Feng Shui. One can keep the tires less than five, but more than that is not allowed.

3. No ornaments placed above the shoe rack: Placing the expensive jewelry items or the neck pieces that are sacred or hold some religious importance above the shoe rack, then you are inviting some back for yourself. This is assumed according to the Feng Shui sciences. So, make sure you are not calling for any misfortune.

4. No shoe rack inside the bedroom: According to the Feng Shui, it is not advised to keep your shoe cabinet inside your bedroom, in any case. The shoe rack attracts the negative energy field and thus does not let you sleep well. This can even affect to the worst extent, by having a negative impact on your married life. So even if you think, for the sake of convenience, that keeping shoe rack inside the bedroom would be okay, then you must immediately change your mind and thus the position of the shoe cabinet.

5. Keep it properly arranged: Make it a habit of placing the stinky and dirty shoes at the bottom of the shoe rack. The shoe front should face inwards, so that whenever you open the shoe rack, the bad luck and bad smell are not directed towards your face. The shoes with pointed toe box represent the Fire Element. It is believed that if such shoes are kept pointing at you for a prolonged period, you might fall ill resultantly. Some shoe racks, like a ladder or free standing ones, have slanting shelves. So, in those shoe cabinets, make sure you keep the shoes facing upwards, because if kept placing downwards, it represents the decline of your luck.

6. Clean and tidy Shoe rack is a must: You must always keep your shoe cabinets clean and tidy and this can be done by cleaning your shoes very often to remove the stink and dirt. Do not forget to throw off the old shoes that you have not used for a long time. If you do not want to have any negative impact on wealth and good luck, then you must pay attention to your shoe rack.

Following Feng Shui promises good health as well as good wealth.

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