The Most Legit Survey Sites to Help you Earn!


With the advancements happened over the World Wide Web in the last few years there have been a flood of websites claiming to provide people with an easy platform to earn through surveys. But not every site is genuine and make payouts and hence there is a big population of internet users that keep on asking the same question on various Q&A websites about legit survey websites that actually make pay for surveys and opinions.

So we have compiled some of the best survey sites that are legit based on various factors. Here is the list of some genuine survey websites:

1. Mysurvey
This is an adaptation of a program that started way back in 1946. It was started as a National Family Opinion organization where mails used to be sent to families but now they have gone advanced. In the past decades this website has become the best survey sites and as per the website they have issued out $15,000,000 rewards to surveyors.

2. Vindale Research
It’s not one of the most highest paying survey sites but definitely deserves a place in your list of survey sites to earn a couple of dollars every month. It is one of the oldest websites and hence you can rely on what they have been doing all these years. Every survey on Vindale Research can fetch you $1 to $5, this is not the smallest of amount for the little time you have to invest.

3. ePoll Market Research
This is one of the survey sites that paved way for the infinite number of survey sites present today. It was established in 1997 and generally concentrates on media and entertainment business which mostly TV/movie watchers will enjoy. You have to watch a TV episode or a commercial and then answer related to it. It takes around 10 to 15 minutes to complete a survey excluding the time required to watch commercial or episode.

4. Swagbucks
It is known to be the first paid websites to appear on internet. But with time it has started to offer an array of options for people to earn money. This website lets you earn points for shopping, watching videos, surfing the web, answering surveys. The user can then redeem the points through a wide variety of gift cards or through PayPal cash.

5. Pinecone Research
It’s functionality is the same as other survey sites. After signing up you get surveys to complete. On every survey completed you get some points which are redeemable by cash or prizes.

6. American Consumer Opinion
Most people won’t believe that it actually pays but once a user joins the opinion panel he/she is asked opinions about different new products that the user has tried, tell MNCs what the user think of the slogan or marketing technique, test out new advertising campaigns etc. User gets rewards after completion of the opinion and can redeem the points after 1,000 points or $10.

Beside this, there are many resources from where you can get a complete list of genuine survey sites that actually pays the users. One such resource from where you can get the list of legit survey sites is FrugalForLess. The survey websites listed in this article are real and legit based on thorough analysis and user reviews.

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